a word of apology

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a word of apology

Postby mar990 » Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:01 pm

hey there all,
I dont know if most of you still remember me, but atlast a message is coming from me greatly too late,

I want to apologise for the on and off activity, coming back acting like i'll stay forever.. and then do the same as i always did,
I feel very sorry for this. especially for my two friends ariana and naxos.
Im really sorry, my life is just taking such a big chunk out of my daily routine, i dont even know where to begin,

But what i can say is, its not all too negative, alot things happened in the past, alot of good, but also alot of bad.
im currently looking for places to live, trying to get more independent in trying to find an apartment,
my long distance relationship is still going well with my girlfriend in norway, i visit her as often as i can.

my work is going to change soon which im really excited for.
the last 2 years i worked at a Clothning clean company which cleans clothing on industrial size, which is very energy consuming.

But i'll come back to this topic once more,
I couldnt be more sorry that i keep finding myself saying this over and over, as it happened too often in the past,
im sorry, i really am.. for up and leaving every time and not letting a word come from me for long periods of time.
Im sorry that i keep breaking contact,
and im sorry for my friends who were so excited to see me again last time i logged into mabinogi,

I hope all of you are doing, beleive it or not i still think alot back to those great times, times i most surely will carry with me wherever i go,
and i hope you guys can forgive me for upping and leaving every time,
it really does leave a mark on me to cause this over and over,

Anyhow.. Love you guys dealy always.
I'll really try my best to leave a message on this forum sometimes to let my dear friends arianamue and naxos know how i am doing,
I hope you two are doing great as you two always did,

Many love and regards,
from a happy fox.

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Re: a word of apology

Postby Arianamue » Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:52 pm

Hello mar,

it's good to know you are okay and didn't forget us.
You should know by now, that we did never expect you to do anything different than what you always did. Doing what you always do is what makes you being you. And the person we love is exactly that: you!
We also understand that you don't leave because you are fed with us or to hurt us but to do the things that need to be done in your life. Mabi is just an ornament, some enrichment to your life and hey if your life gets so exciting that you have no room for enrichment for a time, that's great! Even if the things that fill your life don't seem desirable at the time they are happening, those are the experiences that sculpt your personality and I am pretty certain, Mabi formed a part of it too. I hope the friendship you found here makes for a good memory to recall when you are feeling alone and if that's the case, we and Mabi have our mission accomplished.
You will always be welcome. You ought to know that with true friendship there are no strings attached. Sure we are sad when you leave but we don't blame you for doing so. We are just regretting the fact that nobody can have everything at once or that not everybody can have all they wish for at the same time. That's how the world works and you can be sad about it but you can't change it.

If you feel like it, pop in and say hello, if you are too busy with life, may it be an enjoyable business.
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Re: a word of apology

Postby mar990 » Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:42 pm

im so thankfull for such an respecting and understanding message,
Thank you aria <3

Things are gonna look a bit better soon, I applied for a job that fits my liking much more then my current one,
my current work has left me quite depressed for the last near 2 years,

I'll try my best to come in and say hi again perhaps do a few dungeons together as we all used to do ^^

It makes me so happy to know that i have some amazing friends such as yourself aria, I truely appreciate
that no matter what time aparts any of us, it doesnt matter once we get in touch again,

Many regards

From a dear friend <3
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Re: a word of apology

Postby EMTchibi » Tue May 12, 2015 2:18 pm

This message is also late, but you're always a friend no matter how long we don't talk :D Real life takes importance over games, and we're here whenever you come back or need someone. Hope things will get better for you, and take care :D Don't ever be sorry. We love you anyway.
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