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TeamSpeak 3

Postby noobiesnack » Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:40 pm

This is in no way asking everyone to be a part of, but anyone who has a mic and would like to talk with voice rather than chat should join TS3! It runs much better and more reliable than Skype. Plus it has push to talk!

Have a mic and dont know where to get teamspeak? download it from here! Not sure which version to select? Ask! It will be a client version but it is depending upon whether you run a 32 bit os or a 64 bit os. If you're not sure which to pick, ask!

I don't expect a large amount of people to join. But you can join the TS for my clan. When you launch TS3, go to Bookmarks --> Add Bookmark
Give it a label that you want
Address is:
pick a user name (preferably your mabi name)
there is not server password.
Press OK
Go to bookmarks and select the name you gave it!

If everything went as it should, you will be thrown into a lobby. Semple is the name I go by in there!

What you can get by being a part of the little group:
Random steam games during sales if you stick around enough.
Cards against Humanity
Lots of entertaining talk (much 18+, many wows)
Lots of Anime talk.

If enough people from Mabi get on, I may rent a server for you guys. Its only $4/mo for a 25 person server. The server that runs on is free to use. It is hosted by TaurenTom who you will see in there on most days (but he will probably be afk because hes tom)
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