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Archive : (start xx.09.2012)

Postby Naxos » Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:14 pm

Here will be an archived history of various guild events, meeting summaries, and policies decided during said meetings, updated and maintained by yours truly. All events are dated, and as much detail as possible is given.

xx.09.2012 :
-Start of office of Arianamue (Leader, former : DJdarknight) and Naxos (Officer, former Deogun)

12.10.2012 : Private Meeting

-Guild robe created

14.10.2012 : Private Meeting

-Absence policy set to 10 weeks

Absence cleanup : Antao, Canadialeaf, Nugoed, Hirachi, Hiraisi, Wilhelmina, Serwalwi, Merkurius, Dector Kaame
Update : Merkurius rejoined.

On hold : ssgtnam

All persons above noted accordingly.
Exceptions : Lynil, Hadex (Legends)

-Alt limitation policy set to a monthly meeting to determine usefulness of each alt
(useful or not inside the guild)

-Notable goals : Trying to get more members from America, Canada and Australia. Meet and talk to more members
(of which some are still unknown to us, or only known a bit)

-Web members to contact : Urielkomuro, Shanatan.
Update : Contacted, no answer to this day.

-Miscellaneous : Arianamue & Naxos's wedding on Saturday (20.10.2012) *Happy dance*

25/11/12 :

-Miscellaneous : First test of a NA dodgeball event.
Conclusion : Positive, can do with more improvements. Ideas of new terrains (IE : Connous Arena) Possible open field battles : Blago Prairie ?
Thanks to all participants as well as those who provided the Fireballs crystals (Violettakuya and Yuela).

30/11/12 :

-Miscellaneous : black1223 expelled for lack of discipline and unfriendly behaviour. Warnings given and ignored.

01/01/13 : Private Meeting

-Miscellaneous : Happy new year !

-Absence cleanup : Kicked due to inactivity : noobiesnacks, Zeyru, Vizenadi, Valentyna, UDIENOW, Lunarxx, Lorddraco, Alyea, Rabbitminh,Mies.

Warned : Vonya, xfiskeyx, Whizzmaster, Seeleknight, Chitanda, Acheago, Shuraki, DJdarkmage.

03/03/13 : Semi-private Meeting
(present : Arianamue, Naxos, Nylm, Sithisys)

-Absence cleanup : Kicked due to inactivity : xfiskeyx, Zeyru, Whizzmaster, Vonya, Seeleknight, Ravnica, Phandao, Mitsukirua, Kysu, Hatsworth, Ekedo, Crayanne, Shuraki, Natty1, Konata3.
Warned : vhaki, mar990

02/06/13 : Exceptional Meeting
(present : Naxos, Nylm, Irasha, Crayl, Levvy, xkirito, Violettakuya, Levont ; Arianamue, EMTchibi)

-General discussion : disagreements among guildies, Skype issue, Guild recruitment policy, frequence of fixed meetings.

-Conclusion :
All disagreements can and Should be exposed to Guild leaders to avoid potential troubles.
Skype issues are to be solved on Skype and Must Not have any sort of incidence among the Guild ingame.
Guild recruitement need to be changed (Potential trial period ? Closure of recruitment ? Need of requirements ? Further discussion needed).

Starting from the 2nd of June to the 31st of August, Guild meetings are to be held monthly, the date is to be decided at the start of the month, advertised to every guildie throughout the month, and held at the end of the month. Subjects discussed during the meeting can be Noted to Guild leaders to help the organisation of the discussion.
This decision may be changed, adapted, kept as is or completely removed depending on the outcome of the 3 coming months.

29/06/13 : Scheduled Monthly Meeting

-present: Arianamue, Crayl, Dizzy, Emelita, Nandosd (Kazza), Nathanstorm, Naxos, Nylm, Reerin, Sirie; Aerunis, Klimia (Kirito), Levont, Levvy, Saravento, Yuela

-Issue: Recruitment Policy
We conclude that a voluntary mentorship system is to be established. A volunteer recruitment thread is to be started, and new applicants are to be assigned to one or more volunteers in the future.

-Issue: Forum
We suggest a more thorough use of the forum for everyone. Various methods to make the forum a more interesting place to be were discussed. Suggestions to further improve the usability of the forum were made, and will be posted in corresponding threads on the forum.

-Meeting Feedback:
Issues with time zones are to be worked out.

07/07/13 : Private Meeting

-Absence cleanup : Kicked due to inactivity : vhaki, ssgtnam, miesj9, fhaha, exirian, Yukideakuma, Taejun, Lucchi, Kurairu, Kituro, Kiritookun, Kinade, Kamiomi, Kamiami, Jili, Jdesarno, Ikketherobot, Domiko, Ceslia, Aaze, Appletastic (Never showed up).

Warned : ZEROgenji, Whitew, Ralai, Merkurius
(all remains to be noted accordingly)


Jdesarno rejoined.

27/07/13 : Scheduled Monthly Meeting
-present: Aerunis, Arianamue, Dartan, EMTChibi, groef, Inoriyuzuria, Konata3, Levont, Nathanstorm, Nandosd, Nylm, Reerin, Rikurazybery, Vonya; Argonath, Crayl, Naxos,

Issue: Forum/Website
-More suggestions/drafts for a new interface for the website are desired. Suggestions are to be made in the Overhaul thread here. Likewise, anybody with even just passing knowledge of webdesign is encouraged to help out.
-A thread is to be made where members can submit suggestions and drafts for a Guild Logo.

Issue: Time Zones
-In the future, announcements for guild meeting times are to be based on UTC time, rather than CET.
-A world clock function will be added to the forum by Ari.

Issue: Recruitment Policy
-In light of recent troubles with new members, we conclude that every new member must undergo a probation period of an unspecified amount of time. The individual is to be observed carefully by all members, and can be refused proper membership based on any reasonably serious complaint by any member.
-To ease the application of the Tutor-/Mentorship system that is already in place, new applicants are to issue an application on this forum, in addtion to their ingame application. This is not required for applicants who come recommended by a guild member. See also here.

31/08/13: Scheduled Monthly Meeting
-present: Argonath, Arianamue, Crayl, Dartan, EMTChibi, groef, Nathyle, Naxos, Nylm, Sirie, Yuela;

-Issue: Time Zones
In the future, announcements for guild meeting times are to be based on the Mabinogi Servertime (PST/PDT), rather than UTC, as was decided last meeting.
There is now an alternative external world clock, in addition to the one integrated into the forum.

-Issue: Recruitment Policy
To increase feedback about new guildies towards the guild leadership, a Seniorship system has been proposed and discussed. As a general idea, new guildies that have not yet reached Senior status can be nominated for it by other guild members. Following that, a vote regarding the nomination would take place in the next scheduled meeting.
The details of this idea are to be ironed out in the next meeting.

-Issue: Guild Rules
To avoid troubles with new guild members, as have arisen previously, a set of rules has been drafted by Ari (and can be found here). The rules are meant to both
◾ensure polite and reasonable behavior among guild members,
◾give an outline of the guild's characteristics and goals to potential members.

Feedback on the draft is encouraged and desired.

-Issue: Guild Meetings
following an unanimous decision, scheduled monthly guild meetings will be continued until further notice. In lack of other volunteers, the position of the guild scribe continues to be held by Nylm

As laid out in the draft of guild rules, guild members are encouraged to speak to either Ari and Nax, should interpersonal problems arise within the guild.

Guild list cleanup :
Booted for Inactivity : Asunai, Millielle, Neriwen, Sumeikan, gavieo1000, Chitanda, Itsahri, Ralai, Whitew, Whizzmaster, ZEROgenji, noobiesnack2
Warned for Inactivity : scoutstar1
Pending : Emelita, Eiefilos

29/09/13: Scheduled Monthly Meeting
-present: Alycia2, Arianamue, Dartan, Deogun, EMTChibi, Hadex, Inoriyuzuria, Koyukichi, leeandra, Naxos, Nylm, Sirie; Dizzy, Nathan, Scarlet92, Vonya

-Issue: Guild Rules
Vote on adjusting the order of the guild rules slightly: 7 in favour, 0 against. Rules #1 and #5 will switch their places.

-Issue: Recruitment Policy
Revision of last meeting's suggestion to introduce a seniorship system.

-Issue: Absence time
Following a question by one of the attendees, the standard accepted absence time was briefly discussed. It was concluded that the existing rule shall remain. Members that have been inactive for more than 10 weeks will be removed from the guild, unless they previously notified the guild leadership that they were going to be absent for a longer period of time.

-Issue: Guild Event
Planning of a Dodgeball event
Further ideas for guild events were proposed : Hide and Seek, Jeu de L'oie (using dice), Blackjack, Races.

Various points of discussion have been rescheduled to the next meeting

Guild list cleanup
Booted for Inactivity : scoutstar1, Zedstorm.
Warned : Legem.
Per owner's demand : Nathanprime, Nathanelf.
All noted accordingly.

30/11/13: Scheduled Monthly Meeting

-present: Andreui, EMTchibi, Inoriyuzuria, Naxos, Nylm, Sirie; Arianamue, Dizzy, Reihoken,

-Suggestion: Cross Guild events with Altruism
  • EMTchibi suggests to hold both in game and irl events with Altruism, to uphold friendship.
    Possible Ideas were:
    • A "crafts Fair" whereby each contestant creates something irl. The object is then shared with others via third party sevices, such as deviant art.
    • A concert event, where contestants can play their favourite composings.
  • Due to little enthusiasm for the Suggestion, it has been put on hold for the time being.

-Issue: Recruitment Policy
  • Revision of the Senior/Junior Idea, first introduced on the meeting of the 31st of August. It is concluded that the system is no longer needed, as introduction of new members to the guild has been happening more naturally, and formalizing it is therefore no longer needed.
  • Following a suggestion, it is decided that the Mentor/Tutor system as it is realized on the forum, needs to be revisited:
    • Tutors will be divided into specialist groups, so that new players can seek help from them in specific fields
    • The associated subforum will be cleared of unneeded Threads (the "I volunteer" threads).
    • The thread listing the Mentors, Tutors and new guildies will see an overhaul, to increase its usability. One possible suggestion was to list the Tutors and their specialization, while then adding a list of the Tutor's pupils.
    • Guild Administration should be in agreement concerning the roles of Mentors vs Tutors. See this thread

-Issue: Guild Channel
  • Due to the influx of players using ch7, it is decided that the official guild channel will be changed to ch2. Guildies are encouraged to use ch2.

-Issue: Meetings
  • A Guild Scribe assistant is to be selected by the Scribe. The assistant is to stand in for the Scribe should they be occupied and unable to attend to the organization of the meetings.
  • Meetings will be held biweekly over a one month trial period, starting as of this meeting.
  • Goto time for meetings is now one hour later, at 11am Servertime. Additionally a Time Zone census is to be held, in order to find an optimal time.

14/12/13: Scheduled Monthly Meeting

-present: Andreui, Arianamue, Narwhals, Naxos, Nylm, Sirie, Sweetchicks, Tensano; Sumeiko

-Issue: Finalizing the guild Rules
The draft of rules was deemed to be final and declared official.

18/01/14: Scheduled Monthly Meeting

-present: Arianamue, Dartan, EMTchibi, Lirim001, Naosua, Nathanstorm, Naxos, Nylm, Sarletnight, Sirie; Dragana, Sweetchicks, Tensano

-Discussion: Ideas for Guild Events
  • Several ideas for Guild Events were discussed. A rough outline of how to organize them was made for some
    • Fishing Contest: Various Methods to judge the contest were discussed.
      • Method 1: Fish size. Criticized because of the large influence Fishing skill has on fish sizes, therefore possibly unfair towards lower ranked contestants. A proposed workaround for this was to add a size handicap based on the players fishing rank (e.g. Every fish caught by a r1 player is counted to be 20cm shorter than it actually is) - this was deemed to be likely too hard to implement fairly without in depth knowledge of how fishing rank influences size.
      • Method 2: Fish Rarity. The one to catch the rarest fish wins. Criticized because without in depth knowledge of drop chances, the rarity of a fish is entirely subjective
      • Method 3: Fish Race. The first one to catch a certain fish wins. Still influenced by fishing rank, due to decreased time between catches at higher ranks, but less so than when going by fish size.
    • Cooking Contest: The idea was proposed, to use the in game weekly cooking contest that happens each saturday in Emain Macha. In order to allow guildies with lower cooking ranks to participate, it was proposed to form teams of guildies with varying cooking ranks, at least one of which must have r9. That way, when the contest requires multi-step dishes, the lower ranked Players can perform the steps that don't require higher rank cooking methods.
    • Paper Plane throwing: Proposed event, where the person to throw a Paperplane the farthest wins. Pros: Easily implemented and organized, Cons: Not terribly exciting.
    • Dodgeball: Already tried and tested event. Rules were explained to those that didn't know them
    • Pet Dungeon
    • PvP Tournament
    • In Addition, the following ideas where brought up, but deemed to be unlikely to be implemented, due to various issues:
      • Race: Critized to be unfairly balanced towards elves. Even when using standardized speed (e.g. using Transformation) still too heavily influenced by lag.
      • Player Jousting: PvP style event, where players only use the lance charge skill while mounted. Critized due to being too heavily influenced by lag
  • Additionally it was decided to create a youtube account for the guild. Possible discussed uses were:
    • Guild announcements and Guild introduction videos
    • Mabinogi let's plays
    • Video Sharing amongst guildies

-Appointment: Scribe Assistant
Sweetchicks was appointed Scribe Assistant, and subsequently made mod of the Guild announcement subforum

-Appointment: Event Coordinators
Dragana and EMTChibi were appointed Event Coordinators, and subsequently made mods of the Guild activities subforum

-Other: Guild Orchestra
The previously discussed idea to make a guild orchestra was implemented. 6 guildies volunteered.

03/01/14 Scheduled Monthly Meeting

Present: Groef, Ari, Naxos, Dina, Sinabe, Raa, Taverse, Dizzy, Sirie, Tensano, Emelita, Tyranwind24

-Cooking event: Time decided, weekends at same time as guild meetings usually held
rules: 2 resubmits allowed on a dish, 3 courses and a drink, participants bring own equipment and supplies. Dish can be made with any method, no quality reforges. points decided by quality and originality, real accuracy is a bonus.

-PVP event: ideas and rules for event discussed.
such as 0 percent dual judged by hits taken with a referee judging in an enclosed space for a ring, knockback moves counting as 1 point.
limits placed on what kind of weapons allowed.
Idea proposed by Nathan for a team based survival pvp game inside of the cronnous anthill. traps may be placed.

-Time was running short, we had members attending to give feedback on how things were currently running in Resonance : -Some guildies expressed a desire for more guild together time. More guild runs and overal activities to be run together.

-Taverse announced he was leaving on a friendly note to help his friend start a guild.

-Dina invited the guild to her Wedding

-Soccer event proposed by Raa using firebolt, someone to be teh ball and team vs team. Done in Alby Dungeon Arena

-Gerbil Hunting event proposed by Nathanstorm : Two teams using EvG, in Ant Hell, Participants are starting isolated but can group if they find each other. Team may wear uniforms to distinguish them from each others (Remove names ?)

-Pet dungeon, and dodgeball event needed no further discussion. Paper plane event maybe will take place in a corridor to prevent the plane from flying back.

-It was made known that Tensano is now a recruiter.


-Guild list cleaning : warned for inactivity : Sarletnight, Lirim, Surrealism, Leotrim527
kicked for inactivity : Too many to list, the majority being inactive alts.


-Guild list cleaning : warned for inactivity : groef, Triani, Sithisys
kicked for inactivity : Aurania, Bernesis, Daonai, Flevalt, JJinko, Koyukishi, Kuroyushi, Leoril, Lirim(Lirim001), Rikitsu, Sarletnight, Surrealism, Ventari, Allexx, Legem, Sevaleanne(Sweetchicks), Swordofrune
Pending : Cao's alt, Eyjafjalla


-Guild list cleaning : warned for inactivity : Shiman3(s), Opella, Nathyle, Eyjafjalla(s) (Nylm), Elriclight
Kicked for inactivity : scarlet92, hxtremechaos, groef, coley634, baraba(Caoren), Yajiro, Vonya, Triani, Tensano, Sweetchicks, Tabool999, Sinabe, Setzuna, Rhysalaroque, Ninally, Nanshi, Lucchini, Lirim001, Liilly (Dragana), Leotrim527, Kairakan (Andreui), IBlameyou, Fnucking, Dragana, Aoru
Pending : Vonya


-Guild list cleaning : Warned for inactivity : Angelsfall, Catysh (Opella), Dana69, Endman, lutti, Magicalberry (Teana), Mimimouri, Sweetchicks, chesternl
Kicked for inactivity : Ayolos, Buutascotch (DStri), Dalopo (Dartan), Damion11000, Ffyrnig (Naxos), Gabriello, IBlameyou, Lordmarmite, Mailey (Sweetchicks), Nuoska, Rezeric, Trijntje, Vibear, Yoshik4 (Noobiesnacks), samule, vinizw, zenithh, Sithisys
Pending : Deogun (Voyage), Emelita(Boredom),


Due to growing mental unstability and physical exhaustion linked to his active duty within the guild, Naxos resigns his Office for an undisclosed amount of time. He is currently replaced in his duty by Dragana, effective immediately.
Start of Office of Dragana (Officer, former Naxos).

This archive being a work of my own, I will cease any new entry until I take the Office back, when my health allows me to. Should my replacement(s) decide to pursue this work, they are encouraged to do so, in a post below, either following their own model, or using the same as I do.

The list will be updated according to event occurrences. Do comment on the various decisions if you wish.
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