Guild Branch Ready To Be Founded

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Guild Branch Ready To Be Founded

Postby Arianamue » Fri Oct 17, 2014 5:20 pm

Dear Members of Resonance,

I am happy to announce that we are all set now to have a branch of our fine guild started in Erenor (the world of Archeage).

If you are not wishing/able to expand your guild experience to another game, that is okay, since it is supposed to be an enrichment, not a duty. I went for Archeage because I felt that Mabinogi lacks features that make guild members depending on one another, while Archeage is totally based on these dependencies once you are done with building up your character.

Here is what we can offer you so far, if you decide to join us for an Erenor branch.
  • We got a house (which will be replaced by a bigger one soon) that will be the home/base of the guild and usable for all members. It has the following benefits available to everyone in guild
    1. a home teleport location
    2. storage chests open to all guild members for sharing stuff
    3. large storage chests open to the guild heads(Naxos' family [more on that a bit more down this post]) to administer larger scale resources
    4. land for planting
    5. a farmers workstation - for making advanced farm products and buying exclusive Bluesalt Brotherhood supplies with Vocation points
    6. nearby workstations, bank and auction house (AH) access as well as some merchants
    7. a lake to try your boats on and/or fish
    8. an area that hold many natural resources for gathering (wood, iron, herbs, flowers, saplings etc)
    9. a beautiful view :)
    10. some more you might like
  • a guild structure with several levels of privileges
  • the granted right to recruit for the guild, since we will only entrust it to Mabi members to decide whether someone fits our community or not
  • supplies in gear that is way beyond what you can get from quest rewards
  • help with quests that are rather hard to do alone
  • a strong back up once you would become fodder for PKs on your way
  • boat(s) to help you ship things to the other continent
  • the chance to help expanding this list

As for the guild structure we came up with the following plan:
  • The Naxos' Family will be the guild head that administers mainly the guild possessions and the internal ranking.
  • Mabi members will have almost Guild Head privileges including the right to recruit new members
  • New members (recruited from Archeage) will have access to the house features and of course the support through the guild
What we hope for is to have members taking up proficiencies that help supporting the guild with what everyone needs. Remember you can rank up proficiencies but only up to three can be maximized unless you buy certain expensive snowflakes. In other words the amount of proficiency rank up points is limited and you cannot get more proficiency in a trade unless you rank it up once it reaches the limit.

We also encourage you to create your character (or the second one) on the Nuian continent as it greatly helps with overseas trades. Overseas trades are necessary to provide materials that would have to be bought from the AH for big amounts of gold. I personally have a char on the Nuian continent and we have tested the trade pack exchange to be safer than just sailing into the enemies harbor. The strategy needs some refinement still but I'm confident with a strong Nuian branch of the guild we can figure out some safe trade routes.
The Nuian branch will not have the benefits of the guild house yet but it is up to you to build one and become the guild head of that branch. I can promise that we will support you in any way possible to get it up and running.
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