Guild members and Registration

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Guild members and Registration

Postby Arianamue » Wed May 04, 2011 9:24 am

:!: :!: If you register, please make sure you use yourMabinogi Char's name. Usernames that don't seem to make any sense might not get activated to prevent spambots from abusing forum mail. :!: :!:

Why do we need a forum at all?

As you may have noticed, visiting the guild home provided by Nexon EU from ingame has some disadvantages and writing there has even more of those. Ingame notes and mails are limited to 200 chars and in order to reach all members you are required to send one note/mail to each member.
Guild meetings are for various reasons only attended to by a few members and that makes communications rather difficult.

A forum gives us a way to broadcast information among our guild members and them (that is you) a way to reply independently from playing (i.e. when connection problems occur or you are on a computer where you cant play mabi at all). Also you don't need to care when you communicate, because it doesn't matter whether anyone else is online at that time. You can participate in guild polls/elections and share your thoughts and ideas.
Another thing is: If you need help with anything, you reach more people and thus have better chances getting that help. In the case of needing help with something requiring a larger party this could be even set on short term schedule for an intermissive guild event.

I totally understand that some people just don't want to register on a forum, giving their e-mail address.
Although I assure you that it won't be used for any other purpose than the registering process and to send you the information you opt to recieve that way, there is one exceptional way of registering, which I will only allow for well known guild members:
Contact me ingame and I create that account for you, sending back to you temporary login data. However, any mail-notification will go to the webmaster address or not be sent at all. So I strongly recommend getting an address set up if you don't want to use your regular one.

Once again I would like to encourage you to register here, because I am doing this forum and the whole website for you and would really like you to participate in the development process by giving me some feedback how you'd like this place to look and feel. I am totally open to proposals and suggestions because this is your guild home.

Have Fun
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