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Magic Craft Services

Postby Dizzy » Sun Oct 20, 2013 12:07 am

This is for anyone who might be reading this including non guildies.

If you need help collecting the requirements I can guide you how to do it (Most of it is really easy and boring)
And if needed I can help you with it.

I can provide equipment made from Magic Craft you may find here:
Atm I can make up to rank 3 items so far everything has 99% success rate.

Look up the requirements and bring them to me so I can craft it for you.
Feel free to add me, my ingame name: Dizzy

You can bring me the exact requirements on the link or you can let me make the things.

Basicly what you need for a Savage Wand:

Savage Wand:

Mutant Rabbit Foot × 10
Mutant Plant Mucilage × 5
Sasquatch Heart × 3
Shyllien × 65
Hillwen × 3
Average Firewood × 3
Bloody Herb × 40
Mana Herb × 40
Poison Herb × 40
Fire, Ice or Lightning elemental 1x (Depending on which type wand you want)

Explanation why you need that:

Mutant Rabbit Foot × 10
Mutant Plant Mucilage × 5
Sasquatch Heart × 3
:arrow: Are Needed for Mutant x1

Shyllien Crystal × 15
Average Firewood × 3
Hillwen × 3
:arrow: Are Needed for Enchanted Firewood x3

Shyllien Crystal × 50
Bloody Herb × 35
Mana Herb × 35
Poison Herb × 35
:arrow: Are Needed for Intact Shyllien x10

Feel free to give any questions ingame.
My character is Dizzy in Mabi
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