~whatever happens~

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~whatever happens~

Postby EMTchibi » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:34 pm

What are these things?
They are memories.
They are hopes and dreams.
They are the fear through now, the comfort here.
Every goodbye is not necessarily a see you later
But every goodbye is not necessarily a farewell
And even in farewell, we are all still here
We always are
We always will be
Even if a bridge is burned, the water still connects us
Even if unseen, unheard
We all look up to the same fluffy clouds
The same warm sun
I dont believe this
I know it
Surely and without doubt
When memories faded
You were still here
When goodbye was near
You were there
Through everything
We are always together
And always close to heart
I love you all
No matter what happens
I am sure
We will never fade
No matter whatever happens
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Re: ~whatever happens~

Postby Nathanstorm » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:52 pm

I will NEVER forget you all. You are all my best of the best friends. I want to keep in touch with you all ;_;!
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