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A more formal template for Guild applications

Postby IGNOfMyMainChar » Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:41 am

Hello, my my characters IGN is IGNOfMyMainChar and I would like to join Resonanze.

I have met (names of Reso members you spoke with) and it seems like a good guild to be in because I like to (what got you interested in joining).

Currently I focus on (whatever you do with your char, i.e. getting the hang of the game, the talent you are currently training, just hanging out etc.).

My time zone is (time zone, if you don't know, refer to the world clock ) and I usually play at X.00am/pm to Y.00am/pm my time (estimated play frequency, i.e. daily, days of the week or weekends, occasionally).

I could use some help with (whatever you need people for) and I can offer services as (if you think you don't have anything to offer yet, that's fine).

Please fill in the green parts. This template is just for convenient copy and paste, you may of course use your own text and omit/add any information as you see fit.

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