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What is Resonanze?

Postby Arianamue » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:56 am

Resonance is a guild that migrated from the European Mabi server Morrighan to the North-American Tarlach server, when the European Mabinogi service was closed down.
Many of our members didn't feel like giving up their favorite game and rather started over. Some found new homes in other guilds and some even on other servers but a core of close friends managed to keep the spirit of this family-like guild alive and even started to add a lot of new friends from EU as well as from NA.
The different timezones make it difficult at times to maintain daily contact to everyone, but this proved to be not as big a problem as we thought. We can proudly say there are members of Resonanze online at every hour of the day, even if they may be afk or semi-afk for some periods.
The most active time for our guild is currently between 16.00 (4.00pm) and 4.00 (4.00am) CET.
(refer to the WorldClock below to see the time difference to your location)

But what can you expect from that guild called Resonanze?
Well, we focus on friendship more than anything else.
We love to show the world of Mabinogi to new players, to teach and mentor them, providing tips and strategies rather than spoon-feeding them, but also pass items to them that are no longer useful to us but possibly hard to get for them.
We also trade special and sometimes rare items internally for friendly prices, so our community gets the most out of every members success.
There are (almost) always members ready to help with things that require a party and often there is a spot for a weaker player even in the hardest runs.
We believe that nobody is ever useless in a run, because if nothing else you can still be the one who saves the day with a party feather.
We do random Jam sessions, random Peaca dungeon runs and random crazy chats among a lot of other fun things.
We love to mock each other but we usually stop before we go too far. If you ever feel bullied, don't hesitate to say so and ask for a stop. If you can't seem to make yourself clear about it, inform your leader (me) or your officer (Naxos) via personal chat. If leader or officer asks you to change your behavior, please do so immediately. You may discuss the matter with them privately.

We don't do scheduled runs of anything and we will not do any fights for you. However we will gladly run any SMs, TMs or dungeons with you and guide you on your path.
You should never expect to be given anything. Gifts or cheap trades are not mandatory for any members. If they grant you something like that, be thankful and remember them when you have something, they might want.
If you receive help, remember the good feeling of having people to rely on and be as helpful to others (including non-members). You will see the other side feels just as good.
Always try to give as much as you take, even if not necessarily to the same person.

There is still so much to say about this guild but it would be best you request a forum account or meet us in game and see for yourself.
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