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Rules of Resonanze

Postby Arianamue » Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:41 pm

Each community has its rules, unwritten ones and/or written ones. After a more than appropriate period of considerations we decided to have our main rules written down.
That set of rules may seem to state obvious things but the past showed that it is actually harder than it appears to stick to those basic code of interaction.
The rules are here to describe Resonanze to people who want to know more about us as well as to remind each and every member of how this fine community is supposed to work.

  1. Be kind !
    Treat strangers as potential friends, at least till they let you know they'll never be. After that you may treat them as you wish. Also if you feel you have to move on and leave the guild, say goodbye at least and depart as a friend. If you see someone leaving the guild or telling they are going to leave, don't bother them with questions. Tell them if their goodbye makes you sad but accept their decision. Nobody owns anyone and they hopefully thought well about it.
  2. Be attentive !
    Pay attention to guild announcements, try to be there when a meeting is called for and if someone calls for more party members, try to join.
  3. Be polite !
    Let the others know you respect them as equals.Greet them, say goodbye before you leave, thank them for what they let you have and ask before you take anything they own even if it would be wasted otherwise. That way you give them a chance to do you a favor rather than make yourself appear rude.
  4. Be helpful !
    If you can help somehow, offer to do so.If you have something that's useless to you, try to find someone to offer it to. If that ends in a trade, all the better for both.
  5. Be active !
    Try your best to log on to Mabi at least once a week or leave a message somehow if you can't.
  6. Be supportive !
    Mabi has some restriction as to who can join which activities. Other than that you shouldn't restrict anyone (not even yourself) from joining any activities. Even if you feel you are not up to what other guildies are planning for, you could be of great value and even profit yourself from participating.
  7. Be social !
    If you got a problem with some guild mate, assume a misunderstanding but let the guild head know. There may be more than your personal issue and there may be trouble coming up. It's the job of the guild head to recognize such tendencies in time and to prevent drama. If you feel you can reconcile, try to do so, but if that fails, leave it to the guild head.
  8. Don't be demanding !
    We don't buy our friends. Nobody has any right to get a discount or even free stuff. Always remember that the one who has what you want has somehow earned it. Even if it was simply given to them or found on the floor, they are the ones who possess it. Rather than demanding a bonus, try to find out what they would want and to make a deal that satisfies both of you. The purpose of a guild is to make everyone profit from socializing.
  9. Don't be touchy !
    We like to have our jokes with everyone. If a joke or prank aims at you, try to counter it and laugh with us rather than going sulky. If you feel something is going too far, don't hesitate to tell.
  10. Don't be annoying !
    If someone let's you know, they don't find your jokes funny anymore, stop poking them and maybe let them know you didn't mean any offense.
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